Florida Supreme Court Accepts Jurisdiction of Beach Tax Cases


On February 29, 2012, the Florida Supreme Court accepted jurisdiction on the case involving taxation of improvements on Pensacola Beach (Case #11-2231) and taxation of land on Navarre Beach (Case #11-1445).We are going to the next level!


The order in both cases reads as follows:

ďThe Court accepts jurisdiction and dispenses with oral arguments pursuant to Florida Rule of Appellate Procedure 9.320.Petitionerís brief on the merits shall be served on or before March 26, 2012; respondentís brief on the merits shall be served twenty days after service of petitionerís brief on the merits; and petitionerís reply brief on the merits shall be served twenty days after service of respondentís brief on the merits.Please file an original and seven copies of all briefs.The Clerk of the First District Court of Appeal shall file the original record which shall be properly indexed and paginated on or before April 30, 2012.The record shall include the briefs filed in the district court separately indexed.Ē


This means the case against taxation of improvements on a large number of homes, condos and townhouses on Pensacola Beach will be reviewed by the Florida Supreme Court.It also means that the same Court will be looking at the legality of taxing land on Navarre Beach.Both cases are being handled by Shell, Fleming, Davis & Menge.Given the dates for submittal of briefs to the Supreme Court and filing of the record by the First District Court of Appeal, it is unlikely that a decision will be forthcoming any earlier than July.


Our argument lives on and will be considered by the highest court in the State.This is the best we could have hoped for.†† Now letís hope for more.